Spotify users: say hi to better work.

My daily music deliveries are specially tuned to help you work, relax, and exercise better.
For installation instructions and a step-by-step overview, click here.

Good For You

Great For Teams

Daily music delivery is easy to set up. I'll send music that primes you for concentration and helps keep you in the zone.


Work, relax, or exercise to smartly curated Ambient or Electronic music, or I can customize with your favorite artists.

Share music with @eachother and in #channels. Reactions and comments make it fun – and help me learn!


Ratings make a difference. Any daily or on-demand playlist can be rated, which means enhanced personalization for everyone and more effective music for you.

FAQ and Support

What is Sync Music Bot?

Sync Music Bot is the first and only music delivery bot to offer music that’s specially-tuned to help you work, relax, and exercise better. Daily playlists will prime you for concentrating on your work, and help keep you in the zone — whether you’re reading, writing, coding, or designing.


Each day Sync Music Bot sends a fresh playlist based on recommended genres or custom artist combinations. These playlists — Sync Music Bot calls them sets — can be rated, fine-tuned, shared, and scheduled to suit individual needs.


Designed for teams, Sync Music Bot dials up the social features with in-line reactions and ratings, each new interaction helping the bot to learn and improve.


Besides Slack, what else is required?


For now, the Spotify app, installed on your computer or smartphone, is required for streaming music in Slack. For the best experience, a Spotify Premium account is recommended, however a free Spotify account will get you started.


Other music streaming services will be supported in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date!


How does it work?


After installation, Sync Music Bot will talk you through basic functionality.


You can always type commands for a complete list of commands.


Here are the basics:


Play a song:

play [song title] by [artist]

Like this:

play hot in herre by nelly


Play music to work, relax, or exercise:

work to [artist], [artist]

Like this:

work to miles davis, daft punk

relax to bon iver, michael hedges

exercise to metallica


You can also choose by genre:

Like this:

work to electronic

relax to classical

exercise to rock


Share a song or set:

share @username


share #channel


Need help?

Let us know at



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